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Hooded Mountain-Tanager is one of many fancy tanagers along the upper Manu Road.


Andean Flicker is a regular bird along in the dry valleys along the beginning of the Manu Road.


We visit an amazing Andean Cock-of-the-Rock lek right along the Manu Road.


We can see the Many-colored Rush-Tyrant at the Huacarpay Lakes.


Curl-crested Aracari is one of the amazing variety of toucans possible in Manu.


Manu National Park is wonderful for mammals, such as this Giant Otter.


A group of Purus Jacamars socializing along the edge of Cocha Camungo.


Orinoco Geese are one of the highlights from the boat trip down the Madre de Dios.


Scarlet Macaws come into the clearing at Manu Wildlife Center.


Golden Tanager is one of many species of "gaudy" tanagers we'll see along the Manu Road.


The Blue-crowned Trogon is one of seven or eight trogons and quetzals possible on the Manu tour.


Both White-throated and Channel-billed Toucans are regularly seen during the Manu tour.






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Machu Picchu Extension $TBD


19 day tour that covers the best of Manu National Park. Includes the Manu Road with three night stays at Wayquecha Lodge, Paradise Lodge, and Villa Carmen. Six night stay at Manu Wildlife Center. About 500 species of birds can be expected. Up to nine species of monkeys. Incredible mammals such as Tapir and Giant Otter. A trip up the Rio Manu is a once in a lifetime experience, with a chance for Jaguar. Wonderful oxbow lakes. Canopy birding from excellent canopy towers. Very comfortable accommodations, particularly at Manu Wildlife Center. Best wilderness experience we know of in Amazonia. Lots of specialties including Andean Cock-of-the-Rock. Includes a visit to a Macaw clay lick. Extension to Machu Picchu after Manu.


There is no place that I know of in South America that compares to Manu! Located southeast of Cusco, the immense park covers elevations from high Paramo in the Andes to an amazing expanse of lowland Amazonian rainforest. The actual bird list for the park exceeds 1000 species, and it is one of the few wild places left on Earth that have huge areas undeveloped and even unexplored, with indigenous people living within the park that have never had any contact with the outside world! Despite the seemingly remoteness of Manu, it is actually quite accessible by way of the Manu Road, which traverses a transect from Cusco to the Amazonian Lowlands, and then along the Madre de Dios River to the Manu River.  Our 19 day tour is designed to sample the best Manu has to offer, staying first at a small rustic lodge near treeline in the eastern Andes, then at San Pedro and comfortable Paradise Lodge at mid-elevations, famous for its Andean Cock-of-the-Rock lek, then three nights at Villa Carmen near Pilcopata on the Madre de Dios River, and finally at wonderful Manu Wildlife Center, with it’s famous Macaw clay lick nearby. This tour is unsurpassed in scenic beauty, spending virtually all the time in untouched, virgin rainforest, full of macaws, monkeys, large mammals, and more than 500 species of birds.


The tour begins and ends in Lima. We’ll fly to Cusco and visit the Haucarpay Lakes and overnight in Cusco. Next we'll continue directly up into the high Andes to Wyquecha Lodge, a small rustic lodge near treeline on the eastern side of the high pass between Cusco and Manu. We’ll have two full days to explore the high-elevation temperate forest. Next we'll descend to San Pedro and Paradise Lodge for a three-night stay. The birding here is fantastic, and our main target will of course be Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, but the tanager flocks here are also incredible. We’ll search specifically for the Manu Tanager, a yet-to-be described new tanager to science that I shared in the discovery of during a previous tour to this area! Next we’ll descend further into the lowlands to the Pilcopata area and Villa Carmen.  We’ll have three nights at this very comfortable lodge located near the Madre de Dios River, and which has a bird list pushing 600 species. Finally, we’ll conclude with a six-night stay at Manu Wildlife Center, allowing us access to incredible forest trails, a wonderful Macaw lick, a beautiful oxbow lake with Giant Otters, and a couple of excellent towers to sample the wilds of the rainforest canopy. We’ll depart via Puerto Maldonado.

For those wishing to visit famous Machu Picchu, we offer a three night extension immediately following the Manu tour.