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Ecuador: Mindo

Ecuador: East Slope

Ecuador: La Selva

Ecuador: Jocotoco

Costa Rica

Arizona in May

Peru Manu

Peru Machu Picchu

Panama Canopy Tower

Panama Canopy Lodge

Tour Teasers


Andean Cock-or-the-Rock can be seen on both Ecuador and Peru tours.


Burrowing Owl is on of the specialties a South Florida Tour - Avian Journeys can set up a custom trip to this wonderful state.


Club-winged Manakin can be seen on both the Ecuador: Mindo and Ecuador: Jocotoco tours.


Crested Owl is a widespread tropical Owl which sometimes can be found during the day.


Hummingbirds have become a huge part of all Neotropical tours, with feeders now common nearly everywhere we go.


Jocotoco Antpitta was described to science in 1997, and is a good possibility on our Ecuador: Jocotoco tour.


Southeastern Arizona Gallery


Black-throated Sparrow near Tucson


Elf Owl in Cave Creek Canyon


Gray Hawk at Patagonia


Northern Pygmy-Owl in Cave Creek Canyon


Gila Monster in Arivaipa Canyon


Montezuma Quail in the Huachucas


Spotted Owl in Scheelite Canyon


Red-faced Warbler on Mt. Lemmon


Rufous-winged Sparrow near Tucson


Western Screech-Owl at Cave Creek Canyon


Thornscrub Hook-nosed Snake at Patagonia Lake