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Uganda *NEW*

Ecuador: Mindo

Ecuador: East Slope

Ecuador: Jocotoco

Peru Manu

Peru Machu Picchu

Panama Canopy Tower

Panama Canopy Lodge


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Burrowing Owls - one of the specialties in South Florida. An excellent location for a privat tour!


Vermilion Flycatcher seen regularly on our Southeastern Arizona Tour in May and July


There's nothing quite like birding in the tropics, especially in Costa Rica in March!


It is difficult to imagine a bird this bright inside of a dark cloud-forest. Come see Andean Cock-of-the-Rock on our Peru and Ecuador tours.


The Jocotoco Antpitta was first discovered in 1997 - it is a regular feature of our Southern Ecuador tour in October.

Avian Journeys: High Quality Birding Tours Made Affordable

Our mission at Avian Journeys is to offer very high quality birding tours, at the most affordable prices possible — a different, if not new concept in bird tour companies. Simply stated, our low overhead costs allow us to price our tours more economically, without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. We stay at comfortable hotels and lodges, have quality meals, and most-imprtantly, have the knowledge and experience to find the birds. We believe that experience is very important, and our guides have more than 25 years of experience planning and leading tours to some of the most exciting birding locations from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Avian Journeys was founded by Gary Rosenberg, an internationally recognized ornithologist with nearly 30 years of experience studying and watching birds in the Neotropics, as well as a lifetime experience of birding in North America. In the 25 years Gary has designed and led at least 300 tours. He has visited countries such as Costa Rica and Ecuador more than 50 times each, has led more than 25 tours to Peru, and has visited Panama more than ten times. In North America he has traveled extensively throughout the continent, while having led more than 50 tours each to both Alaska and Arizona. To read a more extensive biography of Gary, check out Gary's Biography.

Our intent is to remain small. While we may not be able to offer tours to every corner of the globe (although we intend to grow a little and bring on a few additional skilled leaders), the tours we will offer will be well-designed, high quality, led by seasoned, experienced guides, and most-importantly fun to be on.

Where possible, we try to support lodges owned and operated by locals with a desire to promote conservation and the sustainability of their local environment. After all, they have taken a risk in saving their forest from destruction, but it is up to us to help them make it worth their while by allowing them to survive through eco-tourism, instead of agriculture or raising cattle.

We hope to gain your loyalty by offering excellent trips. To show our loyalty to you, we will initiate an incentive program where you will receive a 10% discount off every fourth tour you take. Take three tours with us, your fourth tour is discounted 10%. Take three tours in a 12 month period and your fourth tour will be at cost.

So please check out our tours, sign up for our newsletter, and we'll look forward to seeing you soon on one of our birding tours!